Engine Painting

07 March, 2016

Whilst painting the engine I noticed a big crack on one of the mountings - this project is starting to pee me off, the bike I picked from Ebay is the worse bike I have ever done work on


Swingarm spacers

20 February, 2016

I have emailed and telephone several local engineering firms about having some small one off jobs doing, the response I got was a load of shit, none were interested in the job.

I wanted 2 spacers making out of aluminium and 12 cylinder head studs, I was willing to pay up to £75 for these doing, it looks like engineering only want mega bucks which is disapointing as they would have had to start somewhere, anyway to cut a long story short I have a small lathe but had no tools for it so I decided to go and buy some tools and do the chuffing job myself.

Below are the 2 new spacers I have made and also a pic of my lathe.




Soda Blasting

20 February, 2016

Had the barrels and the cylinder soda blasted now.

These are now ready for painting but cant decide on whether or not to have to all the engine in Black Satin or everything in black Satin except the barrels and have these done in silver





I must admit that I love this XS1100 that has been painted

Click Here

Engine Stand

17 February, 2016

I am having to rebuild the original engine so I have decided that it would be best if I made an engine stand for the engine to sit on whilst I am working on it.

I got out my pen and paper and ended up with this


This is just before the full welding is done




All welding done, thanks again to my mate Dave at Weldac in Halifax and painted blue :-), this engine stand is a proper strong one now and will easily hold a full engine with all the internals installed and hopefully will make carrying the engine easier with 2 blokes able to grab the actual stand and not the engine itself


Exhaust pipe at home

13 February, 2016

Just a few pictures of the exhaust pipe back at home now







Exhaust Preview

11 February, 2016

Hey Guys,

This is a quick preview of what STG Performance in Wakefield have done for me.

I pick the bike on Saturday so I will provide full high quality pics and video then

What do you think so far?




Exhaust Valve (Again)

09 February, 2016

This is the 3rd head I have bought and all 3 have bent valves, anyway this head is the best out of the bunch, the original engine that came with the bike was, well fucked!!! and is now being used as a mock up engine.

So the reason why this engine (£50 from Ebay) did not work is because of this



Here are just some more pictures of the head




I can't decide whether or not to take the remaining valves out and check those as well, I am going to have to aren't I otherwise if I dont, then murphys law etc. something will go wrong.

My Other bike

02 February, 2016

The reason that I am doing a Cafe racer was explained earlier but if I ever need to get anywhere quick I just use this one.


I must admit that I haven't been out on her for ages so I might get the bike taxed and go for a spin in March, blow away the cobwebs amongst other things


Wiring Loom

02 February, 2016

Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the wires I will be using to loom up the bike, as the bike is only going to have a minimal amount of components such as Headlamp, indicators, brake light, starter, rectifier, coils etc. this lot should be enough.

I have never done any wiring before and this wont be done until the frame is painted and the engine is in, the reason I bought the wires now is so that I can see what colours they are and then draw a schematic based on those colours.




Should be ok, what do you think?

Exhaust update

30 January, 2016

Jason dropped the bike off at STG Performance in Wakefield today.

Should be ready in about 10 days so can't wait until that is done.

Will update you when I he goes and collects it

Seat Pod Update

09 January, 2016

Hi Guys,

Just a few pictures to show the progress of the seat pod I am making out of Aluminium sheet. I have never ever done anything like this before so it's a first.

I did have a shape in my head but it sort of went that way so just modifying as I go on, we'll see what it ends up like


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01 January, 2016

Happy New Year everyone.

Seen as though we have hit January 2016, I thought I'd better do an update on the progress of the cafe racer. Jason turns 50 in about 6 months and it's really looking like the bike will not be completed by June. 

There is still so much more to do and with Christmas and work Jason has not found much time to be able to fit as much in with regards time on the bike as he would like to, Plus the weather has been so rubbish and we still have the dark evenings.

Recently Jason has made the bracket for the rear brake master cylinder, also he's made a brake lever rod.

The battery cage looks like it shall remain in the original place. The reason for this is because it would be more awkward due to the shape the rear seat pod will be. The rear seat pod is going to be more square (something like out of Mad Max) than the traditional round hump.

All the lights and indicators etc. are going to be LED lights.

The speedo and rev counter will also be digital and the main wiring control box is an electronic fuse less box from Germany.

There are loads more brackets to make but these will be more obvious once the exhaust system has been fabricated and fitted.

The picture below is the start of the seat pod he his making out of aluminium instead of fibre glass.



Jason has never done body work before but he's always one for giving things ago. I'm sure he will do a really good job as we have had tape measures and card board templates all over the dining room floor. 

PS even the bike now seems a resident in the dining room

He now thinks that the project will look more like an xs1100 one off rather than a cafe racer due to the battery being kept in the original place rather than under the seat hump etc.

Under Seat Exhaust 2016

21 November, 2015



SEE This



Under seat exhaust pipe, Well this is what Jason is going to have made out of stainless steel for £550.00   STG Performance in Wakefield are going to make it and it should be done by the end of January 2016. It is going to be custom made so it fits the bike like a glove so to say.

Jason is very excited as he wants his bike to be that little bit different.

The bike has just stood for at least a few weeks now and no work has really been done on it due to the English rubbish weather, However the bike should be moved from inside the house at the beginning of January as the company making the under seat exhaust said they will need the bike so they can get the correct size fittings for the exhaust, which should i say  is a bonus for me as it means i have my dining room back for a week or so. YEAH

Also last weekend me and Jason took a Six hour round trip to Spalding to pick up some more bits, this included a cylinder head with all the valves buckets shims and cams and a complete marshal four into one system. The headers need re-chroming etc. at cost of approx 3 to 4 hundred pound, This is why he's gone for a one off exhaust system for an extra 150 quid.. Spalding was a very welcoming place, we were greeted with a nice cup of coffee by a chap called Kev and had a decent conversation. 

since Spalding all Jason has done is look at the old wiring loom which in his books is f**ked .




Stuck Valve

02 November, 2015

Jason has tried and tried to free the stuck engine valve and we have had many nights of banging but to no satisfaction. Back to Wel-dac for some extra help.

Jason took the engine up on Saturday around nine in the morning and return about twenty mins later with the job all complete. It took Wel-dac 15 min's to get the job done. Jason is a lot happier now as he can continue his work on the engine.

He has added another short video to his You Tube channel.

Also this week some callipers have arrived so ii am sure there will be some footage to follow.

I have started to nag Jason as I feel he has been slightly lazy with completing the seat and chain drive. I shall continue to nag him some more if the bike is not in the back yard this weekend :)

Cold October

17 October, 2015

Well so far it's been a cold October but it's been dry.

Jason's parcel with his Chain drive arrived two days ago and I could not believe the size of the contents for the price.

£162 for the parcel to make its way through customs. Day light robbery

Well Jason has not done much to be honest with the bike this month has he has been waiting for the chain drive to arrive. He took it out, the bike that is in to the back yard this aft to do a quick up to date progress review. He has uploaded the video to his You tube channel, so make sure you have a look on his channel.


Apparently the chain drive shall take quite a few hours when fixing and sorting out on the bike so I guess Jason will be busy for the rest of October, that is if he intends to complete this before his birthday. He did say this afternoon he thinks it may take a little while longer. He has 8 months left until his 50th that's in June so he really needs to be hoping for some nice dry days.


Jason get the bike done

A Busy September

02 October, 2015

You will have noticed that I have not up dated the site for a good month and this is because I have been so busy Myself.  So has  Jason with the bike.

I could have done with up dating the site every week because of the amount of adjustments and changes he's done with it.

Jason has put a few videos on You Tube so you can look at the work he has done in more depth.


So what work has been done????

1) More Welding

This frame is going to be so strong. The frame made it's way back to Weldac once again. Special bits of steel have been made and welded on to help support weight on the frame. Jason was very pleased with Weldac and would recommend them to anyone that lives local to Halifax.

2) Seat

 The seat has been totally stripped right back so Jason can see the design he needs in order to create a new seat himself, We have been making paper templates so that the steel we use on the end of the bike seat is made to fit perfectly.

Jason managed to save the fiberglass base of the seat but he will still need to build on this . Again you can see this on You Tube

3) Chain Drive

Wow $1330.00 Australian Dollars later and the chain drive has now been ordered. The chain drive will be despatched and should arrive within a week.

Jason is more than happy with the progress of the bike. Remember his aim is to have this bike transformed into a café Racer by his 50th Birthday. Will he do it? and be riding around the streets or will it still be sat in my dining Room ?. Please by the will of God complete the project on time.

Any way the reason why I have been so busy is because I bought myself a little scooter and have been out every day on it since. Its just a 100cc Sym Mio and only does 60 at tops but I love it :)

More welding Update

12 September, 2015

More welding has been done on the frame.

There has been a cross member near the rear loop, a small cross member under where the Petrol tank rear bolts to the frame and a vertical support just above the bottom shock mounting.

Only bits left to do will be little jobs such as brackets etc.


More Welding



03 August, 2015

Now there is 317 days until this project should be complete, That is 317 days until Jason hits the big 50.

His goal is to have this bike transformed into a Café Racer by his 50th Birthday and to take it for a spin.

Time is flying by and Jason is still working hard on the project, however the weather has been rubbish and has stopped a lot of work from happening outside.

The bike is in bits and it lays scattered around the house. The frame has it's own place in the dining room now and the engine is in multiple bits down stairs in the cellar.

Although the frame has been welded there is still lots more to do and Jason is keen to take this back to Weld-ac.

Jason ordered several pieces of steel to help brace the frame and once on and painted should look good.

The engine has been stripped now. Jason was rather disappointed with the engine. I don't think he realised just how bad of a condition it was actually in. He took a hack saw to the cylinder head studs as the barrels would not come off. You can view this happening on You Tube.

Inside the engine was just filthy, You expect a lot of grease and dirt but this was like thick old black sludge and lots off it. Again this is on You Tube.

Jason was going to leave the engine as a project during the winter months but decided to break it down now due to the weather.

He had a week off work last week and was hoping for a bit of sun but guess what. Rain, rain bloody rain.

I did a bit of filming on the camcorder and Jason has uploaded this to his You Tube account. You can see the link to the footage in the previous post. Subscribe to his channel for more updates. Apologies for the language in advance.

I have notice that I don't seem to get any comments on here, don't know if that's because no one is following this project but it would be nice to hear if anyone out there. So please please let me know what you think to this project.


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