Today has been another nice day so he has been out in the yard again.

Todays mission is to remove the Engine... By Himself might I add :)


All electrics are off now with carbs & airbox removed



He was trying here to take the frame off the engine, He thought it would be easier to do this with the bike on it's side but he said he actually found it harder!!


well as you can see it's out now. He had to put the front end back on, then managed to get the engine loose in the frame. As he was trying to lift the engine out he realised that the oil cooler pipes were still on, as he's trying to undo them they snapped. He ended up cutting them off at the bottom and this explains why my back yard looks like an oil slick (not impressed)


This is the Engine out now, He said the mounting bolts are all rubbish, very rusty and mounting rubbers are perished too also he noticed some cylinder head bolts are very rusty.

J's next job is to make me a brew, It's hard work watching and taking pics...