Now there is 317 days until this project should be complete, That is 317 days until Jason hits the big 50.

His goal is to have this bike transformed into a Café Racer by his 50th Birthday and to take it for a spin.

Time is flying by and Jason is still working hard on the project, however the weather has been rubbish and has stopped a lot of work from happening outside.

The bike is in bits and it lays scattered around the house. The frame has it's own place in the dining room now and the engine is in multiple bits down stairs in the cellar.

Although the frame has been welded there is still lots more to do and Jason is keen to take this back to Weld-ac.

Jason ordered several pieces of steel to help brace the frame and once on and painted should look good.

The engine has been stripped now. Jason was rather disappointed with the engine. I don't think he realised just how bad of a condition it was actually in. He took a hack saw to the cylinder head studs as the barrels would not come off. You can view this happening on You Tube.

Inside the engine was just filthy, You expect a lot of grease and dirt but this was like thick old black sludge and lots off it. Again this is on You Tube.

Jason was going to leave the engine as a project during the winter months but decided to break it down now due to the weather.

He had a week off work last week and was hoping for a bit of sun but guess what. Rain, rain bloody rain.

I did a bit of filming on the camcorder and Jason has uploaded this to his You Tube account. You can see the link to the footage in the previous post. Subscribe to his channel for more updates. Apologies for the language in advance.

I have notice that I don't seem to get any comments on here, don't know if that's because no one is following this project but it would be nice to hear if anyone out there. So please please let me know what you think to this project.