You will have noticed that I have not up dated the site for a good month and this is because I have been so busy Myself.  So has  Jason with the bike.

I could have done with up dating the site every week because of the amount of adjustments and changes he's done with it.

Jason has put a few videos on You Tube so you can look at the work he has done in more depth.


So what work has been done????

1) More Welding

This frame is going to be so strong. The frame made it's way back to Weldac once again. Special bits of steel have been made and welded on to help support weight on the frame. Jason was very pleased with Weldac and would recommend them to anyone that lives local to Halifax.

2) Seat

 The seat has been totally stripped right back so Jason can see the design he needs in order to create a new seat himself, We have been making paper templates so that the steel we use on the end of the bike seat is made to fit perfectly.

Jason managed to save the fiberglass base of the seat but he will still need to build on this . Again you can see this on You Tube

3) Chain Drive

Wow $1330.00 Australian Dollars later and the chain drive has now been ordered. The chain drive will be despatched and should arrive within a week.

Jason is more than happy with the progress of the bike. Remember his aim is to have this bike transformed into a café Racer by his 50th Birthday. Will he do it? and be riding around the streets or will it still be sat in my dining Room ?. Please by the will of God complete the project on time.

Any way the reason why I have been so busy is because I bought myself a little scooter and have been out every day on it since. Its just a 100cc Sym Mio and only does 60 at tops but I love it :)