Well so far it's been a cold October but it's been dry.

Jason's parcel with his Chain drive arrived two days ago and I could not believe the size of the contents for the price.

£162 for the parcel to make its way through customs. Day light robbery

Well Jason has not done much to be honest with the bike this month has he has been waiting for the chain drive to arrive. He took it out, the bike that is in to the back yard this aft to do a quick up to date progress review. He has uploaded the video to his You tube channel, so make sure you have a look on his channel.


Apparently the chain drive shall take quite a few hours when fixing and sorting out on the bike so I guess Jason will be busy for the rest of October, that is if he intends to complete this before his birthday. He did say this afternoon he thinks it may take a little while longer. He has 8 months left until his 50th that's in June so he really needs to be hoping for some nice dry days.


Jason get the bike done