SEE This



Under seat exhaust pipe, Well this is what Jason is going to have made out of stainless steel for £550.00   STG Performance in Wakefield are going to make it and it should be done by the end of January 2016. It is going to be custom made so it fits the bike like a glove so to say.

Jason is very excited as he wants his bike to be that little bit different.

The bike has just stood for at least a few weeks now and no work has really been done on it due to the English rubbish weather, However the bike should be moved from inside the house at the beginning of January as the company making the under seat exhaust said they will need the bike so they can get the correct size fittings for the exhaust, which should i say  is a bonus for me as it means i have my dining room back for a week or so. YEAH

Also last weekend me and Jason took a Six hour round trip to Spalding to pick up some more bits, this included a cylinder head with all the valves buckets shims and cams and a complete marshal four into one system. The headers need re-chroming etc. at cost of approx 3 to 4 hundred pound, This is why he's gone for a one off exhaust system for an extra 150 quid.. Spalding was a very welcoming place, we were greeted with a nice cup of coffee by a chap called Kev and had a decent conversation. 

since Spalding all Jason has done is look at the old wiring loom which in his books is f**ked .