Happy New Year everyone.

Seen as though we have hit January 2016, I thought I'd better do an update on the progress of the cafe racer. Jason turns 50 in about 6 months and it's really looking like the bike will not be completed by June. 

There is still so much more to do and with Christmas and work Jason has not found much time to be able to fit as much in with regards time on the bike as he would like to, Plus the weather has been so rubbish and we still have the dark evenings.

Recently Jason has made the bracket for the rear brake master cylinder, also he's made a brake lever rod.

The battery cage looks like it shall remain in the original place. The reason for this is because it would be more awkward due to the shape the rear seat pod will be. The rear seat pod is going to be more square (something like out of Mad Max) than the traditional round hump.

All the lights and indicators etc. are going to be LED lights.

The speedo and rev counter will also be digital and the main wiring control box is an electronic fuse less box from Germany.

There are loads more brackets to make but these will be more obvious once the exhaust system has been fabricated and fitted.

The picture below is the start of the seat pod he his making out of aluminium instead of fibre glass.



Jason has never done body work before but he's always one for giving things ago. I'm sure he will do a really good job as we have had tape measures and card board templates all over the dining room floor. 

PS even the bike now seems a resident in the dining room

He now thinks that the project will look more like an xs1100 one off rather than a cafe racer due to the battery being kept in the original place rather than under the seat hump etc.